2020 Heart and Sole Speakers

Janzen Tew CEO Denim & Velvet Marketing + Design

Janzen New is the 29-year-old owner and founder of Denim & Velvet Marketing + Design. Growing up in the horse industry and now married to a professional Team Roper, all with a heavy interest in fashion, she noticed the absence of a central hub for boutique and brand owners to get everything from their logo and product photography to consulting and multi-media management.

As a self-taught photographer of 10 years, Janzen’s knack for product styling has helped her clients stand out from their peers, and Denim & Velvet’s creative visual content and flare is what sets them apart from others in the industry.

Janzen has photographed international events, helped market products that have been featured on The Bachelor and spoken on panels at events across the United States. Marketing is one of the many passions Janzen has and her work ethic is truly what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Monique Terry Founder of BLD x Monique

Monique Terry, the Founder and Creative Designer of BLD x Monique (pronounced Bold by Monique) launched her first jewelry collection in November 2019. For Monique, the constraints and demands of corporate America left her creative soul yearning to break free. In her free time she started designing edgy statement pieces with handwritten inspirational messages. The simple words of encouragement or scripture are beautiful reminders to keep pushing forward.

Soon after launching her initial line, she uprooted her life in the DC metro area and relocated to Dallas, TX. Why? She still doesn't know what made her take that initial leap but it has been the best decision for her and her business. Soon after arriving, her local and national following quickly grew and has turned into a tight knit community.

Monique wants to encourage others to keep going and not be afraid to take bold steps in life. BLD x Monique fuels her creativity while uplifting and inspiring people around the world.

Audrie Dollins CEO Audrie Dollins

Audrie Dollins is a Dallas, Texas-based Influencer & Branding Photographer with over 10 years of experience capturing imagery. When she niched down to serving Businesses, Brands, & Influencers, her business exploded, working with some of the top Influencers & Brands in the industry and generating a six-figure income as she has became an expert in her field.

Not only has Audrie designed her own luxury line of Handmade Italian leather Camera Bags & Accessories, she is sharing her wealth of knowledge by hosting and teaching hands-on photography workshops where small businesses learn how to develop their branding and marketing strategy through imagery to take their business to the next level.

Audrie does not only run her photography businesses but owned, operated, and sold businesses over the past few years creating an understanding that allows her to really connect with her client and the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Through imagery Audrie sets out to create a marketing strategy for all businesses to increase their consumer engagement and enhance their online presence.

Audrie has no magic wand or secrets but dedication and shear passion to achieve and to help other achieve their goals by making sure you will walk away with actionable steps and tools to implement in your business marketing strategy.

Valerie Rocio CEO of Lumos Creative

Valerie Rocio is the Founder and CEO of Lumos Creative, a Dallas based Content Creation Agency that specializes in digital services including: web and graphic design, branding and strategy, social media management, photography and video, blog writing and Pinterest management.

Valerie founded Lumos Creative with the mission to support women-owned businesses by enhancing their online presence and brand awareness. Lumos Creative is a team of solely female creatives across the nation.

After launching Lumos Creative in 2018 at the age of 24, Valerie has grown the company to be an established, prominent agency in the Dallas female community and now expanding to Los Angeles.

Harley Rhodes Owner Dancing Cactus Designs

Harley Rhodes is the owner and lead designer of Dancing Cactus Designs. Harley’s love for fashion started at a very young age. Harley started Dancing Cactus Designs at the age of 20. Designing cowhide handbags and other leather goods has helped his company become a million dollar company in just two years.

Harley learned to sew from watching YouTube videos. Now, it took a little bit more than just learning from YouTube videos. His eye for design is what sets him apart from the competition.

Social media has allowed Harley to blossom and become one of the most energetic and well known designers in the western fashion industry. Harley has designed bags for several well-known country music singers and tv personnel, Ree Drummond and Kelsea Ballerini to name a few.

The best part about Harley is his personality and passion for what he does. He loves to help women find their true self through positive self esteem.

Shalise Barnetche Social Media Strategist

Dreaming big and working with dream clients is Shalise Barnetche’s forte! After spending 5 years in the hospitality and marketing industry, Shalise knew that a desk job in a toxic environment wasn’t for her.

She packed her bags and moved 3,000 miles away from her family & friends to pursue her dreams of working with the female entrepreneurs! In just two years, she has worked with some of the top influencers & brands in the nation.

She is here to teach you how to connect with you social media audience to work with your dream clients!

Christen Lockett CEO Lockett-UP PR

Christen graduated from Texas Christian University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and a minor in General Business. During her time at TCU, Christen danced for the TCU Showgirls, was a student worker for TCU Football, taught dance classes at the TCU Campus Recreation Center, and danced professionally for the WNBA.

Since graduating, Christen has began a career in Public Relations and Digital Advertising. She has became an influencer on the rise by developing a following of thousands on several social media platforms. Christen is also the founder of Lockett-Up PR and acts as a social media strategist, publicist and image consultant for a few high-profile Dallas natives as well as notable NFL players across the US.

Jillian Swisher Solo Female World Traveler

Jillian Swisher is a 2019 Solo Female World Traveler, and lifestyle entrepreneur. After 7 years of planning her lifelong dream to travel the world, while simultaneously successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Jillian decided to leave everything behind, pack a backpack and buy a one way ticket to...the Arabian Deserts of Jordan. 9 Countries, 6 Months, 4 Continents, and 107 friends later, she touched down on her Home soil only to walk into an Unprecedented World Wide pandemic.

Ten months later, The International Travel Prep Academy was born. Detailed Tactical Training for Solo Travelers preparing to go abroad, Jillian brings in experts from the Department of Justice, top physicians, Certified Financial Planners, exclusive phycologists and solo travelers from across the world to coach you through every detail of finances, health, logistics, packing, relationships, safety and so much more.

All the details she wishes she had before embarking on her adventure! After spending nearly a decade working in healthcare for multimillion dollar companies, Jillian knows the pressure of making the leap to step outside a pre-framed societal construct to create a vision of her own. The International Travel Prep Academy’s 4 Week Intensive Training for solo travelers is the only one of its kind and accepts an exclusive 200 applicants per year for one-on-one training.

Coached by Tony Robbins and Dean Degrazzios, Jillian will be launching her first MasterMind across the nation in November 2020, and will be speaking LIVE about her 6 month journey across the world at the award winning 2020 Heart and Sole Conference.

Rachel Sipperly CEO & Founder of Rent My Wardrobe

Rachel Sipperley is the CEO and Founder of Rent My Wardrobe, a peer to peer marketplace that empowers women to generate additional income while becoming more financially savvy. The daughter of a youth pastor, Rachel came from humble beginnings and was a born entrepreneur.

She completed her undergraduate degree at 19 years old, was a top executive for a fortune 500 company by age 22, and had purchased three homes by age 25.

Her corporate success and never-ending side hustle allowed her to completely self-fund the startup, now backed by Venture Capitalists and TV personalities Court and Kameron Westcott and other investors raising a nearly $1MM seed round within one month of launching her MVP concept.

Her mission is to inspire and equip women and girls to become incredible entrepreneurs in a women-supporting-women culture and share her testimony of financial stewardship.

Russell Ausseresses Co-Founder & Chairman of Utility Connect | Red Water Capital | Ausseresses & Rossi Entertainment Group | ForwardMyAddress.com | Telebiotics | Billion Dollar Basement

Russell Ausseresses is an expert in strategic planning and implementation in both startups and growth companies– Guiding and directing an enterprise through substantial change management utilizing strong and effective strategic growth and leadership by leveraging brand initiatives.

Well-versed in various fields including startup implementation, strategic analysis, contract negotiation, cost management and even even exit strategies! When it comes to brand development, brand management, content creation, experiential marketing, marketing strategies, consumer science and insights, he is an expert! His work has led to the creation of industry firsts, creating innovative blueprints/models now used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

He started his first company in a one bedroom apartment while bartending at night to service and pay bills. Him and his business partner strived to create a company that had no blueprint or technology.

Friends and family members couldn't comprehend or grasp the vision, so their only support system was each other. This journey was extremely challenging both physically and mentally for them.

The hardest part of this all wasn't even failing all the time, it was always having to explain to their friends and family. Against all odds they pushed on. Seven years later that had expanded globally, with offices and operations in 4 countries! He has been recognized in several business journals and was recently invited to join Forbes™ as part of their technology business council.

Lindsay Huelse Founder of The FITT Cycle

Lindsay Huelse, is the founder of the FITT Cycle, a retired nurse, a thriving business owner and lifestyle entrepreneur.

As a Texas native she went from working shift work, climbing the corporate ladder to helping women ditch the quick fix mindset and create a sustainable lifestyle through cutting edge nutritional cycling, fasting intervals and targeted training.

Lindsay created the FITT Cycle, the fastest growing, female only, lifestyle community as a save haven of positivity.

Kali Ah Yuen + Shabby Talebi Founders of Peoples Revolt

Kali and Shabby are the Co-Founders of People’s Revolt, a Dallas-based Public Relations and Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in women empowerment organizations, music, fashion, small business, and all things creative.

Kali is a Hawaiian-native who graduated from UNT with a B.A in Public Relations. Shabby Talebi is a first-generation Iranian-American who got her B.A in Emerging Media and Communications from UTD. They met working at a PR firm in Dallas and went on to start their own business using their balance of strategy and creativity.

The mission behind People’s Revolt is to create and collaborate all while revolting against the norms and standard expectations of society. Going into their third year of business, they have helped many brands from the local to global level increase reach, sales, and brand awareness.


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Strategies you can implement to increase sales revenue right away get excited to double your income!

Action steps you can take to gain PR, grow your social media, expand your brand presence, and how to find a manufacturer and launch quickly

Opportunities to win one-on-one business coaching

Network with women who share your same drive and passion for success

Sessions are focused on marketing, development, and entrepreneurial strategy for every level of business


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Access to speakers during expo and book signings

Strategies you can implement to increase sales revenue right away get excited to double your income!

Action steps you can take to gain PR, grow your social media, expand your brand presence, and how to find a manufacturer and launch quickly

Opportunities to win one-on-one business coaching

Network with women who share your same drive and passion for success

Sessions are focused on marketing, development, and entrepreneurial strategy for every level of business

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